here is a list of devices I have made which I will write some more about over the coming weeks … interactive skipping rope, colour cubes, wrist watch, gsr+ wrist strap,

Colour Cubes

colour-cubesRFID technology embedded into coloured blocks. A tag reader (Tag-it) linked to a computer enabled combinations of colours to elicit different effects on a screen.

This was further extended to control the lighting of the creative work environment inQbate. People are able to explore colour mixing through a tangible interface, eg, if the blue face of one cube and the red face of the other cube were placed on a table the whole room would turn purple.



Interactive Skipping Rope

Children are able to configure the experience by choosing the difficulty of a skipping task and determining the displayed output of their skipping. A child can define their own set of parameters with which to measure their performance, for example speed of the skipping rope, the number of skips, or the force of their jumps.

Each input parameter is represented as a tangible component that can be set in three different ways to produce different measures, for example an increment to measure every 1, 2 or 3 skips.



Haptic communicator

The Haptic Communicator is a wireless device that allows four touch sensitive inputs on one unit to wirelessly actuate the other units’ vibrotactile transducers. Each unit consists of four touch sensitive inputs, four wave function generators coupled to four vibrotactile voice coil transducer outputs and a transceiver.

The Haptic Communicator is designed to investigate touch as a form of communication. The various input / output dimensions of loci, position, time and translation can all be modified according to research need.